Conditions of Use

revision date:2020-09-16

1. About these Conditions

1.1 Welcome to the PyWeek challenge system. If you use this online software, created by the PyWeek Organisers, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.

1.2 These conditions may be updated from time to time. This agreement is governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia where the PyWeek Organisers are located.

2. What the PyWeek system does

2.1 The PyWeek system is an online software environment which facilitates the running of the PyWeek challenge.

3. How You Promise to Behave in this Environment

3.0 When using the PyWeek website you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct, which describes appropriate forms of communication and forbids harrassment of any kind.

3.1 This agreement is a software license. Under this license, only one person is allowed to log in under a single username and password. You must never provide your password to anybody else.

3.2 You must not assume the identity of another living person.

3.3 Material posted to your home page must not infringe another person or organisation’s copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret. It must not be defamatory, libellous, unlawful or incite unlawful behaviour, obscene, invasive of another person’s privacy, harmful of children, hateful, harassing, racially or ethnically objectionable, abusive, threatening, harmful, fraudulently deceptive, in breach of confidentiality, or in contempt of court.

3.4 You may not use this software environment for ‘spamming’ or activities associated with spamming, nor share or transmit files that are corrupt, have viruses or which will do harm to the usability of anybody’s computer.

3.5 Everything you post to your home page is your sole responsibility. Including, but not limited to program code, images, sound or video material. As the PyWeek Organisers do not review or screen any of the material that is posted to the web using the PyWeek system, we can take no responsibility for any of this content – yours or other people’s.

6. Things for which the PyWeek Organisers will not be Responsible

6.1 The PyWeek system is continuously evolving environment. The PyWeek Organisers may at any time and without notice modify or discontinue all or part of its service. You agree that the PyWeek Organisers shall not be liable to you or anybody else if this happens.

6.2 The PyWeek Organisers will not take any responsibility for lost content or temporary lack of access due to technical failure. We recommend that you maintain your own backup of any material of importance of value to you, independent of and separate from the PyWeek system storage facilities.

6.3 The PyWeek Organisers do not warrant that its software will be error free, continuously and permanently available and secure. Access to material generated by the software is at the user’s own risk, and the PyWeek Organisers take no responsibility for damage done to the user’s computer system, or content stored on that system, as a consequence of access to the software or content stored using the software.

6.4 We do not guarantee the accuracy or legality of any content posted to the web or published using the PyWeek system. As a consequence, we will not accept any claims made against us in relation to this content.

6.6 The PyWeek Organisers will not take any responsibility for the use of your account by other people, with or without your permission, and expressly forbids you from permitting another person to use your account or giving them your password.

6.7 You agree to indemnify the PyWeek Organisers against any claims that may be made against us as a consequence of the way you have used this software environment, and any related costs if we are required to deal with these claims.

7. Privacy and Security

7.1 The PyWeek Organisers respect the privacy of the users of its software and the visitors to the sites generated using the software. No personal or contact data will be passed on to any other person or organisation without your permission, or unless we are required by law. The PyWeek Organisers may from time to time contact all users of the PyWeek system on matters connected with PyWeek challenges.

7.2 All contact details entered during registration will be kept private.

7.3 The PyWeek system may require that “cookies” are enabled on your web-browser. Data which is collected using cookies will not be used to track individuals.